Friday, June 6, 2008

Literary Event of the Week: Whoops

Oh, huh, it's Friday and there's still no literary event of the week. Sorry, my bad. I'm still in a haze from BEA. Next week, I swear. It'll be a good one. And I'm taking suggestions so comment away! Requirements: this should vaguely relate to books and there should really be alcohol involved. That is all.

Do tell,

The Editor

There are no guarantees in publishing...

Publishers Lunch had a handy chart today which details the change in guard that has been occurring at a number of the houses/distribution companies over the past few months. I have nicely pasted it in below for your viewing pleasure. As you can see, not even the big-wigs are safe in these times of economic hardship. Now the question is, what does this mean for us lowly employees? Is this an indication of progress? Are publishers finally getting the clue that times are a changing, and we need to make room for a new generation? Or is it simply another way of cutting-costs and a scary sign that no matter how powerful you are, there’s always someone waiting in the wings to steal your ergonomic chair out from under you?


  • Brian Murray, HarperCollins (following Jane Friedman)
  • Dan Farley, president, Henry Holt (following John Sterling, who transitioned to a different position at the company in February)
  • Markus Dohle, Random House (following Peter Olson)


  • Ellen Archer, Hyperion (following Bob Miller)
  • Judy Hottensen, Weinstein Books, interim (following Rob Weisbach)
  • Karen Rinaldi, Rodale Books, general manager and publishing director
  • Colin Dickerman, Bloomsbury USA, publisher, with Richard Charkin as president (following Karen Rinaldi)


  • David (Skip) Prichard, Ingram Book Group (following Jim Chandler)
  • Jack Eugster, Baker & Taylor (following Richard Willis)Marcus Leaver, Sterling (following Charlie Nurnberg)
  • Carolyn Reidy, Simon & Schuster (following Jack Romanos)
  • Maureen "Moe" Girkins, Zondervan


  • Brian Elliott, Alibris (following founder Marty Manley)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Discovery Delivers Relief

If you were at BEA you might have missed the news that the 17 MILLION DOLLAR crapper on the International Space Station broke down. Ummmmm, for 17 million dollars, that better be made out of solid gold, have an automatic asswiper that uses cashmere TP, and then sprays your butt with Mariah Carey's new perfume. Well, the Space Shuttle Discovery is on its way to rescue the impacted asstronauts today with a new pump which will hopefully fix the problem.
I feel sorry for the last person to have used the space toilet as I'm sure he's now on NASA's shit list.