Thursday, August 21, 2008

And the mystery couple is...

The news just hit Facebook, so I suppose it's official. The 375 couple? None other than Gotham Books' editorial staffers, Patrick Mulligan (AKA, the LOLcat book editor) and Brianne Ramagosa. The two have announced their engagement to co-workers and Facebook friends alike. Mazel tov!

--Paige Sexie

Penguin wants to help you get laid

OMG, Penguin is getting into the matchmaking biz. Apparently, publishing horrific books on how to find a man isn't, the publishing house is trying to directly hook you up with a book-reading mate via a new partnership with I'm tempted to sign up and start a weekly series on here detailing how well it bad there's no slunch expense account. On the plus side, you can sign up for free! However, to contact anyone ya gotta pay. Suck. Don't they know that us "book-lovers" don't make any money?

--Paige Sexie

ps. Speaking of penguin romance, I hear congratulations may be in order soon for a clandestine couple over at 375 Hudson. More to come on that...

And...we're back

Sorry for the lack of communication, all! I went on vacation, and apparently, the other slunchies cannot be motivated to post in my absence. But I am back, and hopefully, so are more regular posts. Anyone have a last minute idea for this week's literary event?

Do tell,

The Editor