Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Olsson's Gives Up

News came earlier today that Olsson's Dupont Circle had unexpectedly closed, but now, apparently, the company has announced that all stores are closed for good. I think Politics & Prose just got a lot harder to book.

--Paige Sexie

Shake-up at Penguin

A tipster just informed me that the Dutton/Gotham publicity department is being shifted around. Apparently, Gotham Books and Avery are merging under publisher Bill Shinker, and Lisa Johnson will head the publicity and marketing departments for both. Head of Dutton publicity and marketing will be Christine Aronson, joining the Penguin team from Crown.

No word yet on how the rest of the publicity/marketing team will be split. But perhaps this will finally slow down that ever-spinning revolving door?