Sunday, August 26, 2007

Not if, but how I did it.

It's rare to see corporations take a moral stand on things. Sure, they have their sexual harassment policies, and codes of conduct, but at the end of the day its anything goes to make a buck. right? Well, I do have to commend B&N for taking a stand and NOT carrying the OJ Simpson book If I Did It. Granted, we embrace free speech as a country, and this is in no way censorship. The book will be published, the Goldman family will make gobs of money off the sensationalism of their son's death, and that more than anything is the real tragedy here. If it was me, I'd want the whole thing behind me, and after receiving the rights, destroy every copy in existence. The book in my opinion is an abomination, and a veiled admission to murder by a sick mind hoping to profit from it. Get back in your Bronco OJ and take a slow drive to another country. I hear the Mexican film industry is taking off and they could use your talent.


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moc said...

except now B&N _will_ be stocking it. And they always planned to sell it at B&N online, anyway.