Friday, November 2, 2007

Irony, the other other white meat.

The current media coverage over the tanking of Gawker’s Guide to Conquering all Media is actually improving sales. Zubin Jelveh notes on Portfolio that Gawker may have sold a whopping 12 extra copies as a result of Jeff Bercovici’s post. I’m sure the irony is not lost on anyone, and as this project begins to hemorrhage all I can think of is the last national geographic special I saw. Gawker’s progeny is weak and limping along, and soon we’ll see the predatory journalists begin to take bites out of it till the poor book, mewling and bleeding from a thousand wounds, finally succumbs and falls prey to the jackals.


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Anonymous said...

Here's what I'm confused about: why is there no publicity for this book? I'm pretty much the prime demographic, and I haven't encountered the book at all--no magazine reviews, television interviews, or blog mentions (other than Gawker, which, duh, I read every day).

Am I missing something? This seems like the type of book that basically gets itself coverage, at least in certain circles.