Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Godzilla wants cake

OMG, Sloane Crosley has evolved into something out of a japanese horror movie, stomping tiny media edifices everywhere she goes. Just hours after we posted "Why I want to hate Sloane Crosley" Gawker published this article and everyone commented on her shiny hair. Could Sloane and her shiny hair become the next sexy meme to take over the internet? What would happen if she and Julia Allison were in the same room, naked, wrestling in jello and it was skyped? Would the interwebs implode or life as we know it wink out of existence.

--slunchie wants to know


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Anonymous said...

like the blog too. good observations about sloane. i can really relate to it. keep good posts like that coming.

Anonymous said...

I like this blog as I work in publishing and know that there are so many hardworking people who attend PPA lunches every month and eat those crappy cookies, and what's the point of those lunches? or those cookies? not much. and what's the point of me mentioning them? Ugg, only this: I once heard the Jay Leno producer, in front of hundreds of us, shout-out that he had just received a great pitch from...Sloane Crosley. At first I was pissed because I just though that was rude but honestly? the fact that she's really a writer makes sense. Not too shocked by any of this, And I went to her McNallly reading the other night and it was kind of amazing. And not "stupid charming i'm a pretty girl with boobs" amazing but I actually got into it. So much so that I bought the book. I know, I know! But how much money could she possible make off it? And some essays are better than others. Some I can't figure out why they're in there other than the fact that they're remotely entertaining. But most of them are good. Really damn good. And not just for a publicist. Alas, I am a converted fan. She even talked to me for a while while she signed my book, wrote somethign funny in it and from the way she was talking about pr when i fessed up that i too work in it, I think she's kind of one of us. Anyway. No more blog posting. Just thought I'd end my week with something kinda-positive, but A) I have to go out (to a party full of bloggers! sigh) and B) there is no "b", I just gotta leave the office!!!!!