Thursday, May 15, 2008

Newman Party: The Review

Last night, the Von Tron family gathered for an intimate night of drinking with close friends. By which I mean, Ladyton, Publitron, and Babytron showed up to get wasted for free with all the other freeloading publicists at the Newman party. And, as predicted, it was awesome.

Anything at the bar was fair game, but with a two tricky (and easily loopholed) rules: no shots, no martinis. Bizarre, yes? However, the bartenders were more than accomadating in helping us cheat. A shot of makers mark because a makers on the rocks with the tiniest spash of coke. A vodka martini became vodka, vermouth, and olives with a cube of ice in a tumbler. And anything that a garnish could be added to, well, I mean it's hardly a shot if there's a twist of lime floating in there, right?

We're pleased to report that there was no buffet, but instead servers carried platters of trays around, and then placed the leftovers on the bar or back table for us to go back for seconds, thirds, and fourths. My personal favorite were the little mini-pizzas that looked like keish, until surprise! Bite in and get a mouthful of cheese, pizza sauce, and a little mini-sausage. Delish.
And, per usual, mingling with former co-workers, current friends, and new drunken besties - as well as old drunken besties, ie people that you have no memory of meeting at a past function because you were obvi too wasted to retain any info but they know your name and think that you're good friends and it's very embarassing. Not that that happened or anything. Ahem.

Moving right along. The final word? The party was awesome. Thanks again David Ratner and Newman folk for treating us to another wonderful night of drunken debauchery.

The Von Tron Publicity Family


Sarah said...

pics are up on galleycat from last night!

Anonymous said...

Oh Noes!
I went to see the pictures on Galleycat and found out that Harcourt Publicity got the axe.

Poor brave Sarah.

-Little Foot