Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Word, Molly Friedrich

From a Poets & Writer's interview by Jofie Ferrari-Adler with literary agent Molly Friedrich (from Publishers Lunch via The Book Publicity Blog):

Q: Did you like doing publicity?

A: In my opinion, the two jobs that are the most exhausting in this business are the jobs of the foreign scout and the publicist. The reason is that there is never an end to the job. If you're a scout, there is always another book you can cover, another house you can do well by, another report you can write. If you're a publicist, for every eighty letters you write, and eighty ideas you try, there are seventy-nine that don't work. But the only ones that the author hears about–and the editor hears about and your boss hears about–are the ones that work. It is a thankless and really difficult job. But I did it.

Amen, sister. That's all I gotta say. Amen.


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