Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh noes...not Samantha!

Have you heard the horrible news? The American Girl Company is apparently doing away with one of the original dolls: Samantha Parkington. Now, I never had Samantha. My friend Katie did. And my friend Lauren had Molly. My friend Amanda had Kirsten. I had Felicity. Now, she wasn't one of the three, but she was the fourth! So, whatever. It counts.

Anyway, this shock led me to visit the American Girl website for the first time since, well, ever. I'm old school. I used to get those giant catalogues in the mail once a month, and put stars next to the ridiculously expensive accesories that I hoped my mom would get me for christmas. This was before you could get matching outfits or "bitty babies" (what the hell) or "just like you" dolls. Hell, I remember when the girls only had THREE books each (they have six now).

Oh, and I totally owned this. And this. And so many dresses like this. Omg, now I can't wait for Thanksgiving to tear apart my mother's neatly organized pile of "My daughter's crap I can't give to her because she lives in a tiny apartment in NY" looking for all of it!!

Whew. Ok, sorry. What was my point? Um...oh, yeah, the Samanth books will continue. They're published by, uh, oh, American Girl. Convenient. So, good. Eee, I love you, Felicity!


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