Wednesday, November 5, 2008

W: The Memoir?

The AP has an article about the possibility of a Bush memoir...and what the best strategy for it would be. The consensus seems to be that he should wait. You know, until we all stop hating him quite so much. Because apparently, after a few years, we'll all forget what a horrifically bad prez he actually was. I think the only way I would read it would be if he focused on his early days...Bush getting wasted and doing stupid things? Fun to read about it. Bush lying to the American people and creating a shit torm that will probably takes years to get out of it. Yeah, I'm living it. No thanks.

But apparently, waiting is the strategy. For this reason:

"Bush has likened his fate to Harry Truman, highly disliked upon leaving office in 1953 but now virtually iconic in American politics. But it took years for him to gain such affection and Truman's two-volume memoir, published in the 1950s, is less remembered than a book about him published in the 1990s, David McCullough's million-selling Truman."

If we ever get to the day when people look back fondly on W, I'm going to lose a lot of the faith that I gained last night.

On an unrelated note, I just pulled a hair out of coffee. Sigh.


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