Tuesday, July 24, 2007

3 rounds, 2 authors, 1 book: The Fighter

Pugilistic pundits and prolific purveyors of protagonists Jonathan Ames and Craig Davidson duked it out at Gleason's tonight in Dumbo Brooklyn, to a record crowd of 300 spectators that were first entertained by the gyroscopic gyrations of Miss Saturn.

Each round was announced by a husband and wife team: the Mangina hoisting Valmonte Sprout on his shoulders and parading about the ring in truly disturbing fashion - sure to warp the dreams of the mantastic, steroid-induced spectators in the other ring. The ones that had to stop beating the shit out of each other to see what the hell was going on.

Now, I grew up with the Rocky films, so I was expecting three rounds of pure bloody confrontation. Instead, I found a lot of hugging or man cuddling in the first 2 rounds, but in the 3rd round, my expectations were redeemed by pure brutal brilliance. Hats off to SOHO PRESS for pulling off one of the best publicity stunts for a Canadian author ever. Eh?

-The Slunch Editors

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