Sunday, September 9, 2007


Am I the only one confused by Rosie O'Donnel's latest blog lashing against
her publishing house for a dust jacket typo? I'm not talking about the poor taste in which she chose to lambaste Grand Central, nor the fact that she makes it clear how she feels about the book. As reported by Access Hollywood Rosie wrote: “this book has been more of a pain in the a** than it was worth.” (However after reviewing Rosie's blog, it looks like she removed that line from her post). No, the real head-scratcher is her threat: "I want to scream NO ONIONS at every one"

What exactly does "No Onions" mean? Is that kind of like "bad dog, no biscuit?" or is it something stronger and more sinister.

A commenter on Defamer are scratching their heads too:

"'No onions'? Could someone make English of this for me?"

But we might have an answer from the Entertainment Blog which writes:

"We think the reference to onions had something to do with her tantrum-throwing idol, Jeff Lewis of Bravo's Flipping Out, though that footnote won't likely provide much comfort to the employees of Grand Central Publishing when a rampaging O'Donnell storms their headquarters and shouts, "NO ONIONS!" directly into their faces. Sadly, sometimes loudly quoting dietary restriction catchphrases from obscure reality TV shows is the only way they'll learn. We only hope the comedian's strong reaction doesn't end up backfiring, however, resulting in the revised book flap reading, "in 1973, Rosie O'Donnell forced her mother to eat so many onions she gave her cancer. This is her story."

I like the image of a rampaging O'Donnell storming the Grand Central Headquarters, shouting "NO ONIONS"! and her editor doing one of those head-cocking motions a confused dog makes with the sound "wruerh?"

Looking forward to what Rosie does next to derail the success of her book, and her career.


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