Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Roe V Tupe

Could this surpass Californication as the literary event of the month? The smack down between Rosie (Fish Roe) O'Donnell and Donald (The Tupe) Trump has found new life as Trump enters the ring again swinging. As reported by Extra (Dear Lord, I'm getting my lit news from Extra? Someone please shoot me!) The Tupe said: “Rosie is a loser and her book is terrible. She attacks Barbara Walters and she attacks me…she’s not a smart person. If her book does as poorly as her magazine and Broadway shows, it will fail." Evidently some pages were leaked to Page Six which reported that Roe "calls Donald Trump 'a torn scarecrow' and 'a slug'" in her new book, Celebrity Detox. Evidently The Tupe has a book coming out next month too titled Think Big and Kick Ass (I can't even comment on that title) and Page Six goes on to quote from Trump's masterpiece that "Rosie is a loser, a very sad case - unattractive both inside and out. I'll make a little wager my book sells a lot more than hers."

I wonder how much that wager would be? For all our sakes, it would be that the loser removes themselves from the public eye... forever.

Why can't they just admit they're in love with each other?


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