Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Book deal goes south, along with her life...

So its all over the interwebs today that Lynn Spears Parenting Memoir is now on Hold, indefinitely, check out Galleycat for the full report.

The reason? Lynn’s precious 16 year old daughter Jaime Lynn (the one that up until this point wasn’t the train wreck dressed in road kill that her older sister Britney has become) is totally preggers! I remember growing up, my mom had 3 rules for me. Don’t drink, don’t do drugs, and don’t get anyone pregnant! She put the fear of god that if I did, I wouldn’t survive to see my next birthday. So, what did I do? I drank, but I made sure to get wasted at other people's houses or back alleys where my mother would never see me. I smoked pot, but whatever. who doesn't? and sex? Did it whenever I could get it, but I always used a condom. why? 'cause if you knock someone up, it's pretty much a giveaway that you've been doing the nasty. My mom knew how to be a parent. She laid down the law, and I snuck around to break it. The idea that Lynn Spears had the audacity to write a parenting memoir in the first place is ludicrous. What kind of advice can she give? She raised Prosta-tots. Well, she can’t cash in on Brit anymore since she’s legally an adult (cough cough), she can certainly make some mullah by selling her daughter’s pregnant story to OK magazine (for a cool million or so I heard). oh, and don't get me started on OK magazine. Thank you Jezabel for getting me all riled up.


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The Rejecter said...

I don't think that's fair. Maybe Mrs. Spears wrote the book as a manifesto of how we should battle lowering fertility rates by encouraging women to have children when their bodies mature enough to do so. Maybe she cites the historical precedent of "most societies throughout most of history had women marry at a younger age than now."

Or maybe she's setting the standard of being a total hypocrite. Not decided on that one.