Monday, June 16, 2008

Captain Kirk unveils yet another talent

Is there anything William Shatner can't do? He's a double-Grammy, Emmy, and Saturn award winner. He's a muscian, movie and TV star, and an author. He's currently starring on Boston Legal and on those Priceline commercials. He auctioned off his kidney stone for $75,000. Oh, yeah, he also played some dude named Kirk on some sci-fi series.

And now, it turns out, Shatner is also a speed signer. At last month's BEA, where he was promoting his new memoir "Up Till Now," Shatner apparently signed "an astounding 260 books in 25 minutes, leaving the assembled publicists slack-jawed". Wow. I guess all those years of signing Trekkie memorabilia at conventions has finally payed off. Well done, sir. Well done.


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