Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lazy Lazarus and Caipirinhas for Three Bucks

This week's literary event of the week is the One Story cocktail hour and reading held at Pianos on Ludlow and Stanton. This kick-ass reading series takes place once a month and features a special on the author's favorite cocktail. Lucky for slunchies everywhere, this Friday's reader, Andrew Foster Altschul, has chosen the Caipirinha - and they'll be going for only $3 a pop. Nice.

Altschul will be reading from his debut novel, Lady Lazarus, which is the story of the daughter of a dead rock star - and, from the portion I've read, is AWESOME. I'm hoping to finish it before Friday. Odds are against me, but whatevs.

Bonus - the author usually reads for about 15 minutes, which means no long periods of squirming silently, hoping they will finish so you can run up to the bar for another drink.

Do tell,

The Editor

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God, what a loser you are.