Thursday, July 19, 2007

The missing paragraph

Every once in a while you come across a true gem of a truly horrible submission. I mean a train wreck wrapped in roadkill kind of piece so horrible you can't turn away. For your pleasure I present the following from a submission I like to call FRONTLUMPS...
"Come with me back to my man cave" Daimon did not so much ask as command Angelika. "I want to caress your magnificent front lumps, tear your panties off with my teeth and make you my living penis sheath and deposit my loin butter inside you."
my god! Loin butter???? WTF???
"Oh Daimon, you cad, you scoundrel. How i want to feel your love sausage deep inside my moist parts!" Her pleasantly fleshy bits rising and falling like fleshy waves on an ocean of lust."
Fortunately James Paterson is not as prone to such rhapsodies in blue... balls. Though, he could learn a thing or two from this poor submitters passion for writing erotica ;)
and my favorite bit is this includes words that are an anathema to many friends such as Moist and Panties.
The Editor

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