Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mister Pot-tare

So the biggest news in publishing today, despite the doldrums encountered between miniscule paychecks, and, well, that huge explosion/water main break near the new Grand Central Publishing Offices (good luck getting to work tomorrow) is the online pirated release of the final Harry Potter on Bit Torrent and other such sites as reported by Buzzfeed not the least of which is the impending lawsuit from Scholastic against the web hosts. Dear lord, they might lose thousands of dollars because of this. Come on, really, are you going to read all 900 plus pages on your computer or print them out at work? Besides, if you're not toting the new book, letting everyone see you read it on the subway, who's really going to try and pick you up. Evidently, the woman who is almost richer than god, or at least the queen of England, has posted a rebuttle on her journal. But really, trying to protect readers from spoilers is like telling someone who always reads the last chapter first to take a chill pill. Those who want to be suprised will be. Those who want to know, will find a way.

If you want to know, click here. My favorite spoiler of everyone who dies is preficed by a LOL. Now, that's something to laugh about.

And in an improbable segue bringing everything back to the title of this post, Gabe Kaplan, king to what was once the 4th Largest City in America, has a new book out about the crazy correspondences he's had over the years. Take that hipsters!

-Slunch Editor

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