Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Slunch- the publishing insiders blog launches!

Welcome to Slunch,

if you're unfamiliar with the term it harkens back to the last golden age of publishing, a time when you could still smoke in your office if you had a window that could open, a book on the bestseller list meant a champagne toast, hooking up with coworkers in the copy room was (well still is) the right of every underpaid, overworked, idealistic sop that got into this business in the first place. It was also a time when editorial assistants would get together once a week, order delivery for lunch and go through the piles of slush manuscripts and gossip about who made out in the copy room, and spread salacious rumours about coworkers, authors, and agents.
So, this, my dear reader, is a place to bring your juciest tid bits from our shared field and share them anonomously. All submissions are welcome and those deamed lascivious or genuine will be posted anonomously by me on your behalf (ie: no press releases) What did your author do today that pissed you off? What did you really think of that last book you read? Who is sleeping with whom? Why did the director really get that promotion? We all dish, and what better place than Slunch?
-Slunch Editor

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