Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blind Item: WTF is up with the WaPo book blog?

Saw in today's GalleyCat that the Washington Post has a new blog, Short Stack. Book World editor Marie Arana writes "If Your Marriage Is on the Rocks: We kick off our blog with a short list of five books that might be tonics to marital troubles." Is this a subtle sign that things aren't so rosy between Arana & hubby Jonathan Yardley? Their relationship (adulterous, a little birdy at the Post told me) began over books at the office; maybe it'll end there. Could "Short Stack" be a not-so-loving nickname? The list reads more like a tonic for insomnia than marital woes.
Keep those blind items coming!
do tell,
the editor

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snackywombat said...

Ha! Hilarious. I wonder if Yardley's having an affair with Carolyn Hax...