Friday, May 2, 2008

Barbara Walters is a failed homewrecker

Oh, Babs. You are so scandalous. An affair?? With a married man. With a black married man. With black married man that was the first black senator to be elected after Reconstruction. Whoa. I wonder how former Senator Edward Brooke feels about you revealing this info to the world (on Oprah!), including the fact that he wanted to leave his wife for you. Good thing he's married to a different lady now, or he really would have been in the doghouse last night.

My favorite part of the whole story? This little gem from the Daily News:

When her lover, who's now 88, told the newswoman she was the oldest woman he had ever been with, she wanted to say - but never did - "Oh yeah? Well you are the blackest man I have ever been with," Walters writes.

Sassy. Oh, and Brooke is apparently neither confirming nor denying, which I think we can safely take to mean that they totes got it on.

—Paige Sexie

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