Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ask Slunchie-Miserable in Midtown

"Actually, I would like to start an office Romance. Any tips?
Thank you in advance." –Miserable in Midtown

what to do: The quickest way to start an office romance is with booze. Organize an office happy hour and invite your target of choice. They'll feel comfortable going out with a group but awkward enough hanging out with coworkers, making for the perfect dynamic to get tipsy fast. Buy a round to show off, and to help everyone get nice and blotto so that memories will be pretty hazy the next day and your motives not so obvious. Be sure to check in and chat up your romantic target throughout the evening, and once you've reached a good conversation point, suggest going somewhere else a little more quiet (like your place - or the now empty office building 'cause after hours office sex = hot) to chat. The rest is up to you my friend, the rest is up to you.

What not to do: buy them something from Tiffany’s and give it to them at the company holiday party in front of everyone else and then bang them in the copy room. Sure, many a 2nd marriage have begun this way, but I don’t recommend it. It gets akward way fast, especially if its your assistant.
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