Friday, September 28, 2007

Ask Slunchie - Panicked on Park Ave

Dear Slunchie,

My boss just asked me what kind of response I was getting from my follow-ups for a book that is being released this November. Unfortunately, I've been slammed preparing for a huge author tour next month, and the book kind of slipped off my radar. In other words, there has been no follow-up. What should I do? -Panicked on Park Ave

What to do: First of all, Don't Panic. Drop everything and immediately send an email blast followup to the entire contact list that received your book. Then, contact the easiest placement you can get before the end of day. Immediately following this, make yourself scarce and unavailable to your boss in order to buy you time. Guaranteed, by 5pm, you'll be able to go to your boss with a list of at least 5 top tier placements that said "no," 1 outlet that said "yes," and 3 that said "thanks for reminding me, I'll have to take another look at it." And, by all means, don't mention that this is the first time that you've contacted anyone. If asked, merely reply that you were "consolidating your notes," or some other office slang for organization. So as long as you can give him/her an update by the end of the day, you're golden.

What not to do: Tell the truth. Your boss is only asking because your title is coming up on a marketing meeting, or the agent called to find out what was up. He/She just needs something to say. Again, repeat after me, do not tell the truth.

do ask,


Bella Stander said...

Oy oy oy. This is the kind of story that makes authors CRAZY.

Anonymous said...

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