Monday, September 24, 2007

Bay Area: 1; Atlanta: 0

I'm sure you all remember awhile back when the AJC eliminated the position of book review editor and the book community went all petition crazy and junk. And, of course, the AJC didn't give two shits and now Ms. Weaver is working for Habitat for Humanity and Atlanta Magazine . Well, it turns out that the Contra Costa Times is a bit more caring about their literary audience. BRE Sue Gilmore has announced that the newspaper has reversed it's decision to move their Sunday Book Review section out of the paper and onto the interwebs only, due to the huge outcry from readers.
Apparently the Contra Costa times made the mistake of thinking that people who still subscribed to papers preferred TV listings over book reviews, not realizing that no one freaking checks the paper to see what's on. That's what the "Guide" button is for on our Time Warner remote. Plus, who watches live TV anymore? We have Tivo and DVR people. Also, I remember back when I used to get a paper (or well, when my parents did and I still lived at home), it came with this crappy little local TV guide thing that had the schedule for the whole week. And we saved that, and looked in it (because my parents were assholes and refused to get cable so I didn't have a fancy schmancy "Guide" button. Screw you all.) when we wanted to see what was on. But, I digress. The point is, go Contra Costa Times for realizing that you were being dumb retards. And boo, AJC for never realizing the same. That is all.

ps. I should probably also note that the Contra Costa Times received a number of letters suggesting that their loyal readers would defect to - horrors - the San Francisco Chronicle. The AJC has the luxury of being the only decent newspaper in the state, so really, where else where those whiney literati gonna go?

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