Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bob Hoover is my new hero

Ha! Bob Hoover over at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published this article yesterday about how despite all the fake memoirs of late (Frey, Seltzer, that Holocaust lady), publishers still keep churning them out. Bob nicely takes the most recent and soon-to-be pubbed memoirs, divides them into sub-genres, and gives classic one line summaries. I have now come to the conclusion that Bob Hoover is an underappreciated (not to mention genius) BRE and should also be writing for Slunch. Check out his memory category breakdown below:

I'm sick, but it only hurts when I write about it: This is a favorite style of memoir. It differs from the "I'm an addict of some sort" in that the misfortune is not the fault of the writer.

Bad girls save themselves: In this appealing and well-worn route to publication, women of good breeding and education wind up in the gutter, then crawl out.

That old standby, celebrity

Guys do crazy things so they can write about it

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen -- till now

My fascinating life, updated

I'll leave it to you to click through and see who's books landed where (and how Bob summed each one up).


ps. did you guys know that there was a sequel to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?!? I don't how I missed this. Hmm, anyone want to hook me up with a publicity email for Antheneum?

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