Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gawker forgets they've already covered author...

Trolling through Gawker today, I caught sight of a post about Craig Davidson, author of The Fighter. Now, for those of you loyal readers, you may remember that Slunch covered last year's fight between Craig and fellow-scribe Jonathan Ames - and scooped EVERYONE (suck on that) with the first pics of Jonathan Ames and girlfriend Fiona Apple.

Anyway, today's Gawker post referenced an article in the Guardian - a piece about his steriod use while doing research for his book and the impact it had on his body. What Gawker failed to realize, however, is that 1) this piece appeared in Esquire already and 2) they should have already been familiar with Craig from the event they ATTENDED and COVERED on their site. I know you guys have had a lot of turnover recently, and that Josh and Emily (everyone's favorite ex-couple) are no longer there, but come on. A little research please.


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