Tuesday, May 20, 2008

mediabistro = bad party hosts

I've been to a lot of parties in my time. Publicist and all. I've organized some for authors, I've attended those organized by friends. I've gone to awards banquets, thank you parties, anniversery parties, charity parties, receptions for this and that. And, really, my expectations are really never high. Have alcohol readilly available. If there is food, wonderful, but not necessarilly expected. Just really really hoped for.

So, when I attend a party held by a company that was sold for $23 million a couple years ago, I kind of expect it to be a pretty awesome party. Um, no. I showed up about 6:45, 15 minutes after the party was supposed to start. No music, no food, no bartender. A bunch of mediabistro staff members standing around awkwardly. I didn't even have a magazine with me. So I went with the old stand-by and just pulled out my phone and started texting people to look busy.

I think the bar probably opened up a little after 7...over 30 minutes into the 2 hour party. There was one bartender. He had no cash. No bar back. It took about 5 minutes per person to get your drink. The line was soon wrapped around the room - and I'm not even exaggerating. Oh, and of course, the alcohol was NOT free. So basically, I spent half the night in a line, spent money I didn't have, and met random bloggers and mediabistro employees that had nothing to do with books. I did spot the galleycat crew floating around, but all in all, the event felt more like a mediabistro employee party rather than a meet-and-greet. I learned absolutely nothing, I spent too much money on alcohol, and when I left, I was so hungry, I went home and ate a lot takeout that was very bad for me. Thanks a lot, mediabistro.

--Paige Sexie


April Morrison said...

No kidding. I'm glad someone finally said it. As if the cash bar didn't suck enough, they tend to also have the parties at the sorts of bars where a beer is $6 and there is no happy hour special.

I mean, I know that people have expense accounts, but we DO work in publishing. Jeez.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like just another mediabistro party to me! I haven't been to any good ones in two years. It's the definition of insanity: doing something over and over again expecting different results. I've given up.