Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Follow-up to the Sloane/Emily Question

From you handy tipsters, we have aquired this info:
  1. The Original Publishers Marketplace Deal for Sloane: Vintage/Anchor associate publicity director Sloane Crosley's I WAS TOLD THERE'D BE CAKE, humorous essays about the glamor of inadequacy, to Jennifer Pooley at William Morrow, for publication in fall 2007, by Denise Shannon at Denise Shannon Literary Agency (NA). Apparently the book was originally more ettiquette themed, and at some point, the focus changed, as did the publisher.

  2. A claim the Emily's book went for $250k, and Sloane's for $75k.

  3. A claim that Sloane's book went for much less than $75k.
All I can verify is that the book was definitely in the five figure range, based on Leon Neyfakh's May Observer article. I think we can safely assume that Emily is at least raking in six figures more than Sloane. Although, the question remains, who will ultimately win? Sloane must have earned out her advance by now, and royalties should start coming in. Depending on what Emily's book does...well, she might never see more than her initial paycheck.

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Anonymous said...

Sloane's a writer writer(like her or not) and Emily is an interenet celebrity with a book deal (like her or not). Apples and oranges!

But the HarperCollins thing is crazy. Maybe that was a PW typo? Probably.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not a typo. In fact Sloane talks about the publisher switch in her interview on the Bat Segundo show: