Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Question to the readers...All 5 of you

Ok, so I don't think I've ever made any claim to be moral, per se. But I have a question for you guys. So, apparently, blogger has this ad sense thing where you can allow them to post those google related ads (like that pop up on your gmail) and then they pay you. I imagine it's next to nothing, but hey next to nothing is better than nothing. Is it really loserish to sign up for it? I mean, I like money. But, something really sits funny with me about allowing content I don't approve to pop up based on key words in our posts. What if Slunch ends up inadvertently advertising for Emily's book? Oh, the horrors. Thoughts?

Do tell,

The Editor


Another Publicist said...

Go for it. But don't let it impose on your posts. But try not to get a new URL or anything without letting us know. And keep up the gossip. Way up.

Bella Stander said...

Pay attention to your "funny" feeling. Don't do it! The few dollars (pennies?) you'll get won't be worth it.

Blogger said...

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