Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Gould Gossip

Thanks to Cajun Boy for passing this from Reverse Cowgirl's blog our way:

Got an email this past weekend in reference to this post. Came from an individual who read Gould's proposal in its entirety. Last weekend, a few folks end up at a bar, gather around a table, and one attendee pulls multiple copies of the proposal from her purse. Said copies are passed around, read, and readers find themselves "collectively aghast at its bone-shattering awfulness." Reportedly, it's "painful" to read. Supposedly, Gould as recently as a week ago declared she wouldn't be writing a memoir because writing 8,000 words about herself was too depressing, and she couldn't imagine writing 80,000 words about herself. I guess this is the part in the post where I'm supposed to say something insightful, but the only thing I can think to say is just because it sucks doesn't mean it won't sell for $250K-plus in a matter of days. I guess that's the breaks when the idiots are driving the clown car.

Updated: Another anonymous emailer who was present for the proposalakkake concurs: "I was there when that book proposal came out. And I'll tell you with remorse, as someone who has been trying to stick up for Emily: it's abysmal. It makes me sad."

I've talked to a couple people who have read the manuscript, and opinions seem to vary from "hideous" to "I enjoyed it." I have yet to get my grubby hands on a manuscript so I can offer no guidance. But, if anyone has one they want to send to the Editor via email, that would be totally sweet.

Do tell,

The Editor

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wasn't there for that meeting but I would have like to have been. I don't understand why it's so bad. I liked Emily on Gawker but maybe that's all she can do? It's like it was written on her lunch break. One of those things where instead of describing emotions she says stuff like "i was going through a lot of stuff." And it's just boring. And THIS woman is comparing herself to Megan Daum and Sloane Crosley? I would be livid if I were them. Especially Megan, who is my hero.