Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Woohoo, more books on NPR (dot org)

NPR.org is adding more book coverage to the site with reviews from Jessa Crispin (who never returns my emails for Bookslut, so god knows what will happen now), John Freeman (who I saw speak once and was wearing a purple shirt, so I think I like him), and Laurel Maury (who I know nothing about). Perhaps a reaction to Yen Cheong's NPR Book Watch?

According to senior supervising producer Joe Matazzoni, NPR.org "can’t cover the book industry like PW or the New York Times. We’re here to try and point our audience to good books. Our audience identifies with our sensibility and looks to us for judgment and taste. We’re a filter.”

Hmm, filter? Are you trying to say that the reviewers at PW and the NYT don't have good "sensibility" or any "judgement and taste"? It seems like the purpose of any book review section is to be just that. To review books so you know what you're getting into before you buy it. And while, yes, PW reviews a lot of books, it's not as thought the Times just throws out book reviews willy-nilly. I'm pretty sure that there is a fairly lengthy consideration process. Plus, no offense, Joe - it is NPR DOT ORG - as in not the radio. I wonder if our bosses will be as excited about a listing on the website as they would be about an Alan Cheuse review or an interview with Terry Gross? Somehow, I doubt it.


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Anonymous said...

so now its only as tough to get into Yale as it is to get a book on NPR?