Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crack: Apparently Not Whack

Umm, when did crack become the new black? Seriously people. CRACK? Look, I like some drugs as much as the next person, but, guys, it's one thing to smoke a joint with friends or a do a line of coke at a's another to start carrying around a crack pipe. Where do you even buy crack? How do you even stumble into this? Like, one day, you're leaving Babbo and are all, oh, hey, I think I'll buy some crack from that dude over there. Looks like fun. Christ almightly.

Oh, yeah, sorry. That rant was caused by the fact that, right on the heels of New York Times journalist David Carr's admission that he was womanizing, abusive, and all around bad person/crack addict, Bill Clegg is also coming out of the crack closet. We all remember when he disappeared in 2005, although I don't really remember caring very much. Well, apparently, he was off doing crack and then getting clean. But do I care?

Did these guys just read A Million Little Pieces and think, dude, I can totally up that, and mine will be true? Or is there really just a big market out there for the old "I'm a drug addict" memoir? Are we all so interested in seeing just how far people will fall before they come back and write a tell-all book about the experience? If so, I gotta up my alcohol abuse so I can get a sweet book deal out of it. Oh wait.


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