Friday, September 12, 2008

Joy of Sex (UPDATED!)

OMG, The Joy of Sex has been updated. How effing cool is that? Psychologist Susan Quilliam has added 43 new sections and put a larger focus on bringing joy to the ladies. Apparently, the original had just four sentences on the clitoris so obvi, that had to change. We've also got info on cybersex and equine roleplay (really?). The power of the big toe remains, which, btw, is totally news to me. But, apparently, "The pad of the male big toe applied to the clitoris or the vulva generally is a magnificent erotic instrument." Damn! I have been missing out. Although do you ask your partner to wash his feet first? I mean, what if he's been wearing flip-flops? Do I want NYC street germs rubbing against my private parts? Sigh. So many questions.

Oh, bizarrely, there's also a section devoted to penis injuries caused by vacuum cleaners. Ouch!

--Paige Sexie

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