Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pasta and Cigarettes

Awww, this story just made my cold heart melt a little. The Times did a profile piece on legendary chef and cookbook author Marcella Hazan and her husband, Victor. The two are publishing a memoir next month (her words, his translation) from Gotham Books called Amarcord: Marcella Remembers. Although the couple is known for their fights (with each other as well as people who have worked with them in the past), the article makes it clear that the two are still very much in love -- and each other's inspirations. The best part is? Marcella lifestyle includes "a parade of Marlboro Lights and afternoon shots of Gentleman Jack whiskey."

Did I mention that she is 84? I'm not sure what I'm most jealous of: her ability to cook delish food, her longterm marriage, all the money she must have, or the fact that she's 84 and still able to live on cigarettes and bourbon.


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